Being Inquisitive

The best way to get answers is to ask questions.


After spending a lot of effort and time on intranet blogging only, I thought it is a good idea to force myself to communicate with the outside blogging world again. My previous attempts to do that are aged meanwhile. Being a WordPress fan I decided to have this new blog on

Why the name of the blog? Well, I’m well-known for asking a lot of questions in conferences, meetings and presentations. It’s a part of my personality. And I’m still thinking I should keep it this way. Btw: When searching for a blog title I’ve found this nice little post about How to Be Inquisitive.

What will go into this blog? I’m not sure yet. My current thoughts: Whatever doesn’t fit into 140 characters. Whatever went onto my intranet blog but could go public. Time will tell.


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  • @realn2s @gazebo_c war mit 78! jaehrigen heute unterwegs, der rennsteiglauf 27! mal in folge ueber 75km gelaufen ist - unvorstellbar. 2 days ago
  • @gazebo_c noe. hab heute mit echtlicht nachgeholfen. 30km november-wandern auf dem rennsteig. jetzt: warme dusche, gutes essen. 3 days ago
  • @mhonair werd mich heute abend dran erinnern. 4 days ago
  • @fpf_baden dann muss ich jetzt erstmal termine verschieben. 4 days ago
  • wie spät muss ich eigentlich noch aufstehen damit es wenigstens so einigermaßen hell ist? 4 days ago
  • @ServiceRocket please stop changing compatibility of plugin versions after the fact. now visibility, previously scaffolding and reporting. 4 days ago